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Ocean Drifters - NOAA Ocean Explorer

Lesson Plan 

Students first learn about the different groups of plankton and their characteristics. Then the students make a model plankton cell which is neutrally or slightly negatively buoyant.

Concept: Photosynthesis
Photosynthesis by marine plants produces much of the oxygen in the atmosphere and uses much of the carbon dioxide.

National Science Education Standards
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K-12 Unifying Concepts and Processes
Form and Function

9-12 A Science as Inquiry
Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
Understandings about scientific inquiry

9-12 B Physical Science
Motions and forces

9-12 C Life Science
The cell
Interdependence of organisms
Behavior of organisms

9-12 F Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
Population growth
Natural Resources
Environmental quality

Ocean Literacy Essential Principles (PDF booklet): 4. The ocean makes Earth habitable (concept a)

Life on an Ocean Planet text reference (book link): Chapter 4 The Energy of Life 4:7-21