Resources courtesy of partnerships

boat researchAll of the resources available through this website are the product of partnerships between research scientists and teachers. This makes our resources unique because they are both clear and engaging (thanks to input from experienced classroom teachers) that is also scientifically accurate and rigorous (as a result of guidance from professional ocean scientists).

The Education Modules are a series of web pages that convey information about various coastal ocean science topics and provide classroom lesson plans that address each topic. Each summer, we team up research scientists and their graduate students with teachers and undergraduate students. For six weeks these four-member teams conduct field- or lab-based research and work together to generate a concise description of their research topic as well as teaching resources to bring their research topic to classrooms. The result is an Education Module.

The Ocean Science Curriculum is a compilation of teacher and scientist-vetted lesson plans that is structured around the Ocean Literacy Principles and Essential Concepts. Teachers can use the structure of the curriculum and lesson plans to teach a semester-long ocean science course, or alternatively to teach one lesson focusing on a particular concept in biology, chemistry, environmental science, or other disciplines. Most lesson plans were created by teams of scientists and teachers (in fact many of the lessons come straight from the Education Modules), and all lesson plans were reviewed by teachers to ensure feasibility in the classroom and by ocean scientists to guarantee scientific rigor and accuracy.