microbe SEMDid you know that up to a million of microscopic organisms live in just one milliliter of sea water? Though tiny, marine bacteria are abundant and play critical roles in the ocean environment. As the technology that allows us to study these microscopic organisms evolves, so does our understanding of who they are and what they do.

The following web pages are the work of a COSEE Coastal Trends Scientist-Educator Team that conducted research on marine bacteria at the University of Delaware College of Earth, Ocean and Environment in Lewes, DE during the summer of 2009. Browse the "Learn About," "Explore Trends," and "Investigate Current Research" pages for marine bacteria facts and information on how scientists conduct research on marine bacteria. Visit the "Access Classroom Resources" page for lesson plans on marine bacteria.

Credits: Dr. Dave Kirchman, Dr. Tiffany Straza, Dr. Matthew Cottrell, Maryse Leandre, Rosetta Jordan, COSEE Coastal Trends staff.

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