plankotnDid you know that the term plankton refers to any living organism that drifts within a body of water? Plankton can be plant-like organisms, called phytoplankton, or animal-like organisms, called zooplankton. There is no restraint to how large or small plankton can be. 

This module is the work of a COSEE Coastal Trends Scientist-Educator Team that conducted research on plankton at Horn Point Laboratory in Cambridge, MD during the summer of 2011. Browse the "Learn" and "Explore" tabs to learn more about plankton, the aquatic drifters, and how they are studied. If you are a teacher interested in incorporating plankton lessons into your classroom, check out the "Teach" tab. Here you can find a series of activities that meet National Science Education Standards. The information and lesson plans here can also be used in conjunction with the Dead Zone and Aquatic Food Webs modules.

Credits: Dr. Jamie Pierson, Allison Barba, Carol Smith, Lenise Goggins and the COSEE Coastal Trends staff