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Pilbara to Mars: Are We Alone? - NASA and Macquarie University

Lesson Plan 

Using data collected from Pilbara, Australia, students study the age of the fossilized stromalites of the region.

Concept: Early life in the ocean
It is thought that life began in the ocean.

National Science Education Standards
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K-12 Unifying Concepts and Processes
Systems, order, and organization
Evidence, models, and explanation
Constance, change, and measurement

9-12 A Science as Inquiry
Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
Understandings about scientific inquiry

9-12 B Physical Science
Structure of atoms
Chemical reactions

9-12 C Life Science
Matter, energy, and organization in living systems

9-12 D Earth and Space Science
Origin and evolution of the earth system

9-12 G History and Nature of Science
Historical perspectives

Ocean Literacy Essential Principles (PDF booklet): 4. The ocean makes Earth habitable (concept a)

Life on an Ocean Planet text reference (book link): Chapter 3 Theories of the Origins of Life  3:10-15