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Mapping Deep-Sea Features - NOAA Ocean Explorer

Lesson Plan 

Students use actual bathymetric data to create a two-dimensional contour map of sea floor topographic features. Next, students create a three-dimensional model of the landform on the contour map they have created to illustrate how features are translated from three-dimensional to two-dimensional models.

Concept: Basins and features
There is one ocean with many basins and features shaped by the movement of the earth

National Science Education Standards
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K-12 Unifying Concepts and Processes
Systems, order, and organization
Evidence, models, and explanation

9-12 A Science as Inquiry
Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
Understandings about scientific inquiry

9-12 B Physical Science
Interactions of energy and matter

9-12 D Earth and Space Science
Origin and evolution of the earth system

Ocean Literacy Essential Principles (PDF booklet): 1. The Earth has one big ocean with many features (concepts a, b)

Life on an Ocean Planet text reference (book link): Chapter 3 Theories of the Origin of Life 3:18-20
Chapter 8 The Nature of Water 8:2-5
Chapter 13 A Revolution in Science: The Theory of Plate Tectonics 13:1-29