Students will use the internet or printed articles and video clips from the COSEE module to research why seagrass numbers have declined. A brief Secchi disc/tube demonstration will help explain why seagrasses need to live in clear, relatively shallow water.

students using computers for this activityObjectives

Students will be able to explain why:



  1. Demonstrate how cloudy, turbid water prevents seagrass from getting adequate light by following the instructions for the Importance of Light demonstration, available on the main "Access Classroom Resources" page.
  2. Bookmark the Teach Ocean Science seagrass module and direct the students to the "Explore Trends" page. Print out copies of Seagrass Fact Sheet 1 and Seagrass Fact Sheet 2 (download from Lesson Resources, below) and other relevant articles (some links provided in References section).
  3. Hand out Student Worksheet (download below) and help the students answer the questions.


National Science Education Standards

9-12 C. Life Science

9-12 E. Science and Technology

9-12 F. Science in Personal and Social Perspectives

Lesson Resources

word iconStudent Worksheet

pdf iconSeagrass Fact Sheet 1

pdf iconSeagrass Fact Sheet 2