Students will use their previous knowledge from the preceding activities and and experience from the town meeting to write a journal entry in response to a prompt asking how to best restore seagrass.   A grading rubric will be used to assess students’ understanding of major concepts from each of the previous sections.


Students will be able to summarize what they have learned in the unit by explaining what seagrass is, why it is important, why its numbers are declining, how it is restored, and possible ways to increase seagrass habitats.   They will take facts and opposing viewpoints into account and not base recommendations solely on their opinions.



  1. Give students the Journal Reflection Prompt and Grading Rubric at the end of the town meeting. Individually, they will summarize what they have learned from the unit in writing.  
  2. If there is time, students may share their journal responses with a small group before turning them in to be graded.  

National Science Education Standards

NS.9-12.6 Personal and community health 

NS.9-12.6 Population growth 

NS.9-12.6 Natural resources 

NS.9-12.6 Environmental quality 

NS.9-12.6 Natural and human induced hazards 

NS.9-12.6 Science and technology in local, national, and global challenges 

Lesson Resources

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