Examining various aspects of the Gulf Stream can help us answer these questions. This activity is a guided web exploration of the Gulf Stream. Students will You can either have students run through this activity following the links and answering the questions on this web page or download the student worksheet containing the same information. 


1. Describe what the Gulf Stream is and where it is located using the Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies (CIMAS) website. Include how fast it moves.

2. Use the Johns Hopkins Ocean Remote Sensing website to locate the Gulf Stream for the month of October of last year using surface sea temperatures and draw the location of the Gulf Stream on the NOAA hurricane tracking map using colored pencils.

3. Repeat Step 2 but use the months of January, April, and July. Afterward, answer these questions in complete sentences:4. Go to the coast of Georgia and record the current sea temperature at these locations.  From this information answer these questions in complete sentences:

5. Go to http:/ and and scroll to the bottom and click on Fish Species caught on Tybee.  From this information answer these questions in complete sentences.

Lesson Resources

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