This reading strategy should be used with the first page of the Fish and Physics website to assess student prior knowledge of the new content. This activity is used to establish a purpose for reading and to help students reframe their thinking when necessary. The anticipation guide focuses on the life cycle of striped bass, the nursery area/ETM, and the physics of the ETM. 

Teacher Note: The Anticipation Guide will take approximately 10 minutes for students to read the statements, decide if they are true or false and then survey the class with hand signals to get a feel for what they already know about the content. Students investigate the "Learn About” page on the web resource and revisit the Anticipation Guide, correcting their answers. This will take approximately 20 minutes once students are logged onto computers.




National Science Education Standards

9-12 A: Science as Inquiry

9-12 B: Physical Science

9-12 C: Life Science

9-12 F: Science in Personal and Social Perspectives

9-12 G: History and Nature of Science

Lesson Resources

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