During this portion of the lesson, students will be assigned one part of the content to be learned throughout the lesson. It is broken up so that it is not overwhelming to any student since they are only investigating one topic from two pages of the Striped Bass module website. Students will work independently or in pairs to discover specific information about the life cycle of striped bass, the nursery area for striped bass, the physics of the ETM, daily trends in the ETM, seasonal trends in the ETM, yearly trends in the ETM, or historical trends of the striped bass fishing industry. 

Teacher Note: This activity is lengthy and may take as much as 70-90 minutes.  If your students are familiar with jigsaw it may take less time.  If this is your first time incorporating this type of activity, there needs to be more direction. 




National Science Education Standards

9-12 A: Science as Inquiry

9-12 B: Physical Science

9-12 C: Life Science

9-12 D: Earth and Space Science

9-12 E: Science and Technology

 9-12 F: Science in Personal and Social Perspectives

9-12 G: History and Nature of Science

Lesson Resources

Striped Bass Learn About and Explore Trends module pages

word icon Jigsaw Worksheet