Use this activity to review concepts through active student participation while checking for understanding using two sets of cards. One set of cards contains the answers to questions, the other set contains questions.  (Answer location is set to match question location on the grid; consider keeping one copy in tact to use as an answer key prior to cutting into cards)

This activity is designed to clarify the learning that has taken place in the previous activities. Students play a game either as a whole class or within student groups to discover the answers to questions about striped bass 

Teacher Note: This activity should take no more than approximately 50 minutes whether you play the game in small groups or as a whole group.



Two sets of cards, one set contains questions related to the unit of study and the second set contains the answers to the questions. (See worksheets in Lesson Resources section, which can be photocopied on card stock, laminated and cut for reuse)

Note to teacher: answers appear in the same location on the grid that the question appears. Print a copy to use as an answer key.



National Science Education Standards

9-12 A: Science as Inquiry

9-12 B: Physical Science

9-12 C: Life Science

9-12 E: Science and Technology

9-12 F: Science in Personal and Social Perspectives

9-12 G: History and Nature of Science

 Lesson Resources

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