Students will discuss how future changes in land use and climate may affect dead zones and exploring the trade-offs associated with human activities and their consequences.  Students will then summarize what they have learned about the dead zones and create a public service announcement about what people can do to help decrease the size and duration of dead zones.


Students will put the science associated with dead zones into a social context. Students will demonstrate what they know about hypoxia.



Lead a class discussion to encourage critical thinking about direct connection between humans and the aquatic environments we influence. Consider asking the following questions:

In small groups, have students outline and create a short public service announcement to inform the public about what dead zones are and how people can help prevent/control dead zones. Students can use the grading rubric (download in Lesson Resources) as a guide. Record the announcements and play back for the class, other classes, the school, etc.

Lesson Resources

word iconPublic Service Announcement Rubric

National Science Education Standards

K-12 Unifying Concepts and Processes
9-12 F: Science in Personal and Social Perspectives