In the summer of 2008, one scientist, two graduate student, a teacher, and an undergraduate student came together to conduct research and create educational resources on dead zones. They worked at Horn Point Laboratory at Cambridge, MD, getting wet and dirty in the field, running tests and logging data in the lab, and then utilizing the powerful resources available at their fingertips to build science classroom lessons. Click on the videos below to learn more about these COSEE Coastal Trends Scientist-Educator Team members and their adventures in science.


Scientist - Michael Kemp

Dr. Michael Kemp is a scientist at the University of Maryland's Horn Point Laboratory. Mike participated in a COSEE-Coastal Trends scientist-educator partnership, leading his team studying dead zones in the Chesapeake Bay.

His research interests include: systems ecology and analysis; primary production and nutrient cycling; trophic structure and ecosystem energetics; seagrass ecology.

Graduate Student - Jennifer Bosch

Jennifer Bosch is a graduate student member of the COSEE Coastal Trends 2008 Dead Zone scientist-educator team. Her research interests include: Hypoxic effects on habitats in the Chesapeake Bay.

Graduate Student - Jeremy Testa

Jeremy Testa is a a PhD student on the COSEE Coastal Trends 2008 "Dead Zone" scientist-educator team. His research interests include: Estuarine biogeochemistry and anthropogenic influences on estuarine biological and chemical processes, dissolved oxygen dynamics in estuarine and wetland ecosystems, eutrophication, numerical modeling, estuarine systems ecology.

Teacher - William Gray

William Gray is a science teacher from Cambridge, MD. William was a member of the summer 2008 COSEE-Coastal Trends scientist-educator partnership that studied "Dead Zones".

Undergraduate - Chris Burrell

Chris Burrell is an undergraduate student from Hampton University who participated in a COSEE-Coastal Trends scientist-educator partnership. Chris's team studied the "Dead Zone" in the Chesapeake Bay during the summer of 2008.